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Iomys horsfieldii


Iomys horsfieldii (Waterhouse, 1838)

Family Name: Sciuridae
Taxonomic Group: Vertebrates (Mammal)
Common Name: Horsfield’s Flying Squirrel

The endangered Horsfield’s Flying Squirrel is one of three species of flying squirrel recorded from Singapore. A nocturnal animal, it emerges from its tree hole to forage mainly on fruits during the night, returning to its tree hole to sleep in during the day. The squirrel glides amongst trees on its gliding membrane which stretches across its four limbs, and its tail which is flattened.


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Description Upperparts dark brown, underparts orange-buff or whitish. Gliding membrane fringed with rusty brown. Head round, snout blunt. Tail long and feather-like.

Ecology, Habitat & Location

Ecological Notes Occurs in primary and secondary forest, as well as in orchards and plantations. Active at night and lives in tree holes. Feeds on fruits and insects.
Habitats Forest, Terrestrial
Distribution Appears to be widespread in the Central Nature Reserves. This flying squirrel occurs in the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo and Java.
Nature Reserves Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve


Trends & Threats Habitat loss.
Scientific Interest & Potential Value Due to their nocturnal habits, flying squirrels are rarely observed in Singapore. So little is known about them that the scope of scientific study on these animals is very great.
Conservation Notes Habitat protection.


Species Status Native
Conservation Status Rare
Singapore Red Data Book Status Endangered (EN) [2008]




References Baker, N. & Lim, K. 2008. Wild animals of Singapore. Singapore: Draco Publishing and Distribution Pte Ltd. 180pp

Davison, G.W.H., Ng, P.K.L. & Ho, H.C (Eds.). 2008. The Singapore Red Data Book (2nd Edition). Singapore: Nature Society (Singapore). 285pp


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Species record last updated on: 07 January 2022.