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NParks Flora & Fauna Web is a user-friendly one-stop information portal which allows users to search for information on both plants grown in this region and animals that can be found in Singapore. It caters to the growing horticultural interest and wildlife awareness in Singapore.


The website is based on information compiled in ‘1001 Garden Plants in Singapore’ and several other flora and fauna references, including journal articles, field guides, and the ‘Singapore Red Data Book’. Data is updated regularly with new photos and information on native and cultivated plants as well as terrestrial, freshwater and marine fauna.


What can you do on NParks Flora & Fauna Web?


  • Search and browse an ever-expanding database, featuring cultivated and native plants, as well as a variety of animals sighted in our parks and nature areas
  • View attractive photos and videos of intriguing plants and animals
  • Learn about plant-animal relationships, such as butterflies and their host plants
  • Find out more about a plant or animal through “Plant and Animal of the month” and “Did You Know?”
  • Access learning materials such as concise plant comparisons and nature-related field guides for Singapore


As a reference source for all who are interested in plants and animals in Singapore, NParks Flora & Fauna Web is helpful to a wide audience, from nature enthusiasts and hobby gardeners to students.  Take your time to browse through the portal and discover the rich treasures within.