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Draco melanopogon


Draco melanopogon Boulenger, 1887

Family Name: Agamidae
Synonyms: Draco nigriappendiculatus Bartlett, 1894
Taxonomic Group: Vertebrates (Reptile)
Common Name: Black-barbed Flying Dragon, Black-bearded Gliding Lizard

The Black-Bearded Gliding Lizard is a species of Agamid lizard commonly found in the lowland primary and secondary rainforests in Southeast Asia. In Singapore, it can only be seen in the nature reserves. It glides from tree to tree in search for small invertebrates to feed on. Males can be easily identified by their distinct orange and black gular flag and lappets, when fully extended during courtship or territorial displays.


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Size 24 cm
Description Body very slender with small scales and long slender limbs. A broad flap of skin (patagium) supported by ribs extending from the sides of its body. Topside of body olive or green with greyish brown bars or diamond-shaped blotches, patagium black with numerous yellow spots. Throat flap of males black and orange.

Ecology, Habitat & Location

Ecological Notes It is an arboreal and diurnal species that feeds mainly on small invertebrates such as ants and termites.
Habitats Forest
Distribution South India; Indo-China Peninsula; Malay Peninsula and Greater Sunda Islands exclusive of Sulawesi; Lesser Sunda Islands, Sulwaesi and Maluk Islands; Philippines.
Nature Reserves Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve


Species Status Native
Singapore Red Data Book Status Vulnerable (VU) [2008], Vulnerable (V) [1994]
IUCN Red List Least Concern





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