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Danaus genutia


Danaus genutia

Family Name: Nymphalidae
Taxonomic Group: Invertebrates (Butterfly and Moth)
Common Name: Common Tiger


Taxonomic Group 1
Taxonomic Group 2
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Size Wingspan 70 - 80 mm
Description The Common Tiger has the same colouration as the Plain Tiger and similar white and orange forms occur in both the Plain and Common Tiger.  The veins of this species are strongly marked with black, making it sometimes mistaken for the Black Veined Tiger in the field. The white form, form-intermedius, has white hindwings with the border tinged with orange. The form-genutia has the hindwings coloured as in the forewings.

Ecology, Habitat & Location

Associated Flora Often found on its host plant, Cynanchum tunicatum. Adult butterflies of this species are attracted to the dried  plants of Heliotropium indicum.
Habitats Parks & Gardens, Suburban, Urban




References Khew, S.K. 2010. A field guide to the butterflies of Singapore. Singapore: Ink On Paper Communications Pte Ltd. 342pp


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Species record last updated on: 21 August 2019.