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Sesbania grandiflora

Family Name: Fabaceae (Leguminosae)
Common Name: Scarlet Wistaria Tree, Petai Belalang, Red Wisteria, Agathi, Sesban, Vegetable Hummingbird, Getih, Kachang Turi, West Indian Pea Tree, Daun Turi, Turi, 大花田菁, 木田菁
Full Sun: 6-8h Moderate Water Fruit & Vegetable Ornamental Flowers Woody Tree


Family Name
Genus Epithet
Species Epithet
Name Status (botanical)
Common Names

Classifications and Characteristics

Plant Division Angiosperms (Flowering Seed Plants) (Dicotyledon)
Plant Growth Form Tree (Small (6m-15m)), Shrub (Woody)
Lifespan (in Singapore) Perennial
Mode of Nutrition Autotrophic


Native Distribution Tropical Asia. 
Native Habitat Terrestrial
Preferred Climate Zone Tropical
Local Conservation Status Exotic (Horticultural / Cultivated Only)

Description and Ethnobotany

Growth Form It is a tree or a large shrub, growing up to 15m tall and 30cm in trunk diameter.  
Roots The roots have a large nodules. 
Foliage Its alternately-arranged leaves are bi-pinnately compound, with 20 - 50 leaflets and up to 30cm long. Each leaflet is oblong to elliptical and are 1.2 - 4.4cm long and 0.5 - 1.5cm wide. 
Flowers The large, butterfly-shaped flowers are borne on leaf axils and range in colour from white to yellow, pink or red. 
Fruits The fruit is a linear to slightly slightly curved pod. 
Habitat It grows in dry or moist lowland forests. 
Ethnobotanical Uses Edible Plant Parts (Edible Fruits, Edible Leaves, Edible Flowers)
Food (Fruit & Vegetable : The flowers, young leaves and seed pods are eaten as vegetable in Southeast Asia.)
Agriculture - Forestry ( The leaves and fruits are used as green manure. )

Landscaping Features

Desirable Plant Features Ornamental Flowers
Plant & Rootzone Preference - Tolerance Moist Soils, Waterlogged Soils (Drains Site), Well-Drained Soils
Landscape Uses General, Parks & Gardens

Plant Care and Propagation

Light Preference Full Sun
Water Preference Moderate Water


Foliage Retention Evergreen
Mature Foliage Colour(s) Green
Mature Foliage Texture(s) Smooth
Foliar Type Compound
Foliar Arrangement Along Stem Alternate
Foliar Attachment to Stem Petiolate
Foliar Margin Pinnately Lobed / Pinnatifid
Leaf Area Index (LAI) for Green Plot Ratio 2.5 (Tree - Open Canopy)

Floral (Angiosperm)

Flower Colour(s) Pink, Purple, Red
Flower Texture(s) Smooth, Velvety / Furry / Tomentose
Flower Grouping Cluster / Inflorescence
Flower Location Axillary
Inflorescence Type Raceme
Flowering Period Free-Flowering

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Master ID 1827
Species ID 3120
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Species record last updated on: 14 October 2021.