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Alstonia macrophylla


Alstonia macrophylla Wall. ex G.Don

Family Name: Apocynaceae


Family Name
Genus Epithet
Species Epithet
Name Authority
Name Status (botanical)

Classifications and Characteristics

Plant Growth Form Tree


Native Distribution Sri Lanka, India (Nicobar Islands), Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Peninsular Malaysia,  Borneo, Indonesia (Sumatra, Maluku), Philippines, Papua New Guinea In Singapore, considered by Chong et al (2009) as naturalized
Native Habitat Terrestrial
Preferred Climate Zone Tropical
Local Conservation Status Non-native (Spontaneous (Naturalised))

Description and Ethnobotany

Growth Form Tree with small buttresses, 3-40m tall
Trunk Bark smooth,  grey or brownish.
Foliage Leaves papery or somewhat rough to the feel, in whorls of 4 (sometimes 3 on flowering branchlets), without distinct intrapetiolar stipule at base of the leaf stalk. Upper surface of leaves glabrous, under surface glabrous to pubescent.  Leaf shape variable narrowly obovate, sometimes obovate to narrowly elliptic
Flowers Flowers fragrant, white, corolla lobes spreading in open flower. In bud, the corolla lobes overlaps to the right,
Fruit Fruits are glabrous follicles, 20-40 cm in length by 2-2.5mm in diameter
Similar Differs from the Alstonia scholaris in its small buttresses, and the absence of a intrapetiolar stipule at the base of the leaf stalk. The corolla lobes of this species overlaps to the right in bud, unlike A. scholaris, which overlaps to the left. 

Landscaping Features

Landscape Uses General, Suitable for Roadsides, Parks & Gardens
Thematic Landscaping Bird & Wildlife Garden

Fauna, Pollination and Dispersal

Pollination Method(s) Biotic (Fauna)
Seed or Spore Dispersal Abiotic

Plant Care and Propagation

Light Preference Full Sun
Water Preference Moderate Water
Plant Growth Rate Moderate
Rootzone Tolerance Moist Soils


Foliage Retention Evergreen
Mature Foliage Colour(s) Green

Floral (Angiosperm)

Flower Colour(s) White

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Master ID 29220
Species ID 3529
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Species record last updated on: 03 August 2022.