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  • Working To Restore Singapore’s Reefs

    Working To Restore Singapore’s Reefs


    Coral reefs play an important role in providing coastal protection and people rely on its rich biodiversity for food. Sadly, for hundreds of years, coral reefs have been degraded as a result of over fishing and pollution. More recently, reefs have had to contend with the effects of global warming.

  • The Secret Life Of Dragonfly Larvae

    The Secret Life Of Dragonfly Larvae


    Adult dragonflies – colourful, vibrant and energetic. They invoke wonder and joy for many nature-lovers visiting a wetland habitat. Dragonflies are masters of flight and skill at capturing prey in the air. If eagles, hawks and falcons are the pinnacle of predatory skills among birds, then dragonflies must surely be the insect equivalent.

  • The Hidden Green

    The Hidden Green


    From a young age, I have always been curious about the natural world, as it shows me a fascinating that that white walls failed to satisfy. From the chirping of sunbirds to the slithering of snails, I loved it all. As the years progressed so did my passion, and Commonwealth Secondary School’s Green Club has provided me with an enriching platform to pursue my interests.

  • A Love Affair With Ladybirds

    A Love Affair With Ladybirds


    The writer had always been fascinated with insects and other bugs. However, he was a fan of the more scary types like spiders until he started studying ladybirds.

  • Conserving Singapore’s Native Orchids

    Conserving Singapore’s Native Orchids


    Did you know, in the past, more than 220 species of orchids could be found in Singapore? Sadly, most of these have since disappeared because of development.