Corporate Governance

Facts & Figures

Board Members

NParks is overseen by a Board comprising 11 members. All Board members are non-executive members, except the Chief Executive Officer. The Board derives its strength from the extensive and complementary backgrounds, qualifications and experience of its members.

The Board provides strategic direction and guidance on policies and strategies relating to NParks’ vision, mission, objectives, and performance of its functions. In addition, it oversees NParks’ operating and financial performance taking into account NParks’ budget, expenses, assets, transactions and projects.

In discharging its duties, the Board is supported by the following committees:

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee comprises four non-executive Board members. It plays a key role in ensuring a high standard of corporate governance through independent reviews of internal controls, financial reporting processes and financial risks. In addition, the Audit Committee reviews the audited financial statements, as well as the audit plans and observations of external and internal auditors, and reviews the effectiveness of internal audit.

Mr Guy Harvey-Samuel (until 31 July 2022)

Ms Shantini Ramachandra
Mr Musa Fazal
Mr Gerald Tan

Operations Risk Committee

The Operations Risk Committee comprises three non-executive Board members, including the Chairman of the Board. Its role is to provide strategic oversight of NParks’ operations risk management framework and conduct reviews of NParks’ operations risks. The Operations Risk Committee also oversees the implementation of risk mitigation plans, policies and practices.

Mr Benny Lim

Mr George Huang (until 31 July 2022)
Ms Tham Loke Kheng

Human Resource and
Compensation Committee

The Human Resource and Compensation Committee comprises three non-executive Board members. Its role is to review key human resource policies and provide strategic oversight of related risks.

Mr Cheng Hsing Yao

Prof David Chan
Ms Nur Hidayah Abu Bakar

Garden City Fund
Management Committee

The Garden City Fund Management Committee manages and administers the Garden City Fund, a registered charity and an Institution of Public Character, to plan, develop, promote and manage the Garden City Fund in accordance with its Trust Deed.

Read more about the work of the Garden City Fund in the year in review.

Board’s Conduct of its Affairs

The Board meets four times a year and as and when necessary to address any significant matters that may arise. To enable the Board to fulfil its responsibilities, the Management Team provides the Board members adequate information during Board meetings and on an ongoing basis. The Board also has direct and independent access to the Management Team if further information and explanation are required.

Code of Conduct

Members of the Board are guided by a set of key principles and guidelines to ensure fairness and impartiality when they carry out their responsibilities, as well as to uphold the integrity and reputation of the Public Service, including adhering to the Public Sector (Governance) Act (Act 5 of 2018).

Accountability and Audit

The Board’s accounts are audited by the Auditor-General or such other auditor who may be appointed annually by the Minister in consultation with the Auditor-General. The auditor engaged for the financial year which ended on 31 March 2022 was Foo Kon Tan LLP. The audited financial statements and the auditor’s report were submitted to the Board and the Ministry of National Development, and also presented to Parliament.

Internal Control Framework

NParks’ internal control system ensures that assets are safeguarded, proper accounting records are maintained, and financial information is reliable. The overall control framework includes:

  • An organisation structure with clearly defined authority and delegation limits and reporting mechanisms to higher levels of management and to the Board;
  • An annual budgeting and quarterly financial reporting system for all operating units that enables progress against annual plans and objectives to be monitored;
  • Compliance with the provisions of the National Parks Board Act (Chapter 198A), Public Sector (Governance) Act (Act 5 of 2018), Statutory Board Financial Reporting Standards, Government Instruction Manuals, Finance and PSD Circulars and Minutes for policies and procedures related to operations, human resource management and financial controls and regulations; and
  • A risk management framework which ensures close monitoring with proper mitigating measures for all identified high risk areas.