Tree Conservation

Find out how our urban forest is safeguarded for generations to come.

Heritage Trees

Our Heritage Tree Scheme identifies, recognises and conserves individual majestic trees in our city that give us a sense of place and identity. For a tree to be considered as a Heritage Tree, it should have a girth size of at least 5m or should be of botanical, social, historical, cultural or aesthetic value. Once endorsed by the Heritage Tree Panel, a Heritage Tree will be given greater attention and care, including the installation of a lightning protection system, and special protection from construction impact during development works. An interpretive signage is sometimes installed near the Heritage Tree to provide information about the tree.

Anyone can also recommend a tree to be endorsed as a Heritage Tree. Do you have a potential Heritage Tree near your home? Find out more about the Heritage Tree Scheme today!

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Heritage Roads

Our Heritage Roads are some of the most significant tree-lined roads in our city. These roads not only have a canopy of large mature trees, but also possess a lush natural forest ambience that cannot be recreated easily. Heritage Roads are reminiscent of the scenic kampung roads that were once present in Singapore, but have largely been lost due to urbanization. Preserving these roads thus plays a role in retaining our city’s identity and heritage.

There are currently five Heritage Roads in Singapore – Arcadia Road, Lim Chu Kang Road, Mandai Road, Mount Pleasant Road and South Buona Vista Road. Each of these roads fall under legislative protection, which enforces a green buffer of up to 10 metres on both sides of the road, and prohibits the removal of trees or plants.

You can locate each of these five Heritage Roads on the map. Alternatively, explore the link below to learn more about our Heritage Roads.

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Tree Conservation Areas

Two regions in Singapore are currently gazetted as Tree Conservation Areas (TCAs), namely Central TCA and Changi TCA. These regions contain a particularly high density of mature trees, some of which are more than 100 years old, and are living testaments to the fact that urban development and greenery conservation can go hand in hand. Tree Conservation Areas are protected by legislation to control the indiscriminate felling of mature trees. Developers and private property owners who wish to fell any mature tree with a girth exceeding one metre must seek written approval from the Commissioner of Parks & Recreation, even if no developmental works are currently in progress.

Do you currently live within a Tree Conservation Area? You can view the locations of Central TCA and Changi TCA on the map. Alternatively, explore the link below to learn more about Tree Conservation Areas.

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Propagation of Native Trees

Many of our native tree species are both rare in the wild and not commonly found in commercial tree nurseries. As such, a native tree propagation programme has been set up by the National Parks Board (NParks) to introduce these native trees back into our urban green spaces. NParks organises regular efforts to collect seeds and cuttings from native trees within our nature reserves and other forested areas. These seeds and cuttings are then painstakingly nurtured in the NParks Pasir Panjang Nursery for years, before they are eventually reintroduced into our parks, roadsides and nature reserves. Such propagation efforts ensure that our native tree species can continue to be appreciated for generations to come.

To learn more about some of these native plants, and to see them first-hand in a garden setting, you can visit the Native Plant Squad Garden, located in HortPark. If you would like to participate in plant propagation and support reforestation efforts organised by NParks, explore the link below to learn more.