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Registered tree care professionals for homeowners

If you have trees beautifying your home garden, do remember to give them an annual check-up! They are after all living things, and aside from sun and rain, need fertilisers and care to help them grow strong and healthy. They will occasionally need to be trimmed, and a well-maintained tree is an asset to any property. Hiring tree care professionals are always recommended, and do be mindful of any potential risks and inconvenience trees can pose to their surroundings if left neglected.

You may find a list of registered contractors at the link below.

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Flora Fauna Web

Flora Fauna Web is a one-stop online information portal, complete with photos, where you can learn more about the plants and animals of Singapore, including the trees of our city. A useful resource for everyone, from serious enthusiasts to the layperson!

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Research on trees and urban greenery

The Centre of Urban Greenery and Ecology (CUGE) Research Branch engages in multidisciplinary research on the greening and ecology of cities, with the aim of enhancing city-level greenery planning, design and management. CUGE Research conducts various tree-related research, in close partnership with other research institutions and agencies.

To view CUGE's various research programmes on trees and urban greenery, explore the link below.

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