Volunteers are important to us. Volunteers can instil awareness, promote responsibility and care for pets and stray animals. Volunteers can look forward to being involved in a variety of meaningful activities through AVS' Volunteer Programme.


Our volunteer programme offers the community opportunities to:


a)    Promote awareness about pets and stray animals and impart knowledge of the management of such animals to members of the public.


b)    Play an informal and advisory role to the community on pets and stray animal issues and to promote responsibility for the management of animal issues.


c)    Directly contribute to animal welfare and management through taking care of animals.


Volunteers’ Involvement


AVS' volunteer programme for animal management initiatives come under three main types:


1. Community Outreach: Help create public awareness on animal-related matters through our various outreach platforms including conducting Free Pet Health checks, roadshows at community events, designing educational materials etc.


2. Citizen Science Programme: Conduct census study for urban birds at designated spots, collate and analyse the findings.


3. Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) Programme of Stray Dogs: Assist AVS and Animal Welfare Groups (AWGs) with activities related to the sterilisation of stray dogs under the TNRM programme.


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