Encountered a stray dog in your neighbourhood? Seen someone feeding pigeons? We have the following materials that can provide you with practical advice and the relevant authorities you can contact for help. For more information on the materials, please email


  • Are you a Responsible Pet Owner? Be a considerate pet owner! Find out how you can be a responsible pet owner in public.
  • Living in Harmony with Cats in your Neighbourhood: Stray cats, also known as community cats, live in our environment. These cats are generally wary of people and other animals. However, some have become used to human interaction through the efforts of responsible care giving. Find out more information via our poster and brochure
  • Should dogs be leashed and muzzled? Pet owners are required by law to leash dog(s) in public places. Find out more information via our poster
  • Visiting a dog run? This information will be useful for the safety of yourself, your dog, and other users of the space. Download the Dog Run Etiquette and User Safety document!
  • Understanding dogs' body language: Learning how to read a dog's body language may allow a better understanding of a dog's possible aggression and predict what it is likely to do. Although not every dog behaves in the same way, here are some illustrations (poster / brochure) on what an aggressive dog could be like, and what you can do when you encounter it. 
  • Why do dogs bark? Dogs bark to communicate. It is important to understand the cause of their barking. Find out more on why dogs bark and how to lessen the noise via our poster and brochure
  • Your chance meeting with dogs: Stray dogs live in the open and do not have homes. They may be seen roving in packs, foraging for food and looking for shelter. Most of the stray dogs are scared of humans and are quick to stay out of your way or they may approach and sniff you. Find out more on what you can do when you encounter stray dogs via our poster and brochure.
  • Pigeons: Pigeons are a problem because their droppings stain homes and public amenities. They can also spread diseases to humans. In Singapore, you can be fined up to S$10,000 for feeding pigeons under the Wildlife Act. If you have a problem with pigeons in your neighbourhood or home, contact your town council or estate manager. You can also hire a pest control company. Find out more on what else you can do via our poster
  • Crows: Crows gathering and roosting near residential areas may prove to be a nuisance with their cawing and the accumulation of dropping stains. Find out more information how you can make your neighbourhood less conducive for crows to gather with proper management of your living environment.


Spot a wild animal and not sure what to do? Please click here for more information on our animal advisories for wildlife, such as monitor lizards, wild boars, snakes and macaques.

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