Control of Plants Act (Chapter 57A) 

The Control of Plants Act is an Act to consolidate and amend the law relating to the cultivation, import, transhipment and export of plants and plant products, the protection of plants and plant products against pests and diseases, the control of the introduction of pests into Singapore, the use of pesticides, the measures pertaining to the development and improvement of the plant industry in Singapore and for purposes connected therewith.


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Control of Plants (Analysis and Inspection Service Fees) Rules (PDF - 37KB)

Control of Plants (Authorised Analysts) Rules (PDF - 33KB)

Control of Plants (Phytosanitary Certification) Rules (PDF - 55KB)

Control of Plants (Composition of Offences) Rules (PDF - 81KB)

Control of Plants (Plant Importation) Rules (PDF - 103KB)

Control of Plants (Import and Transhipment of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables) Rules (PDF - 109KB)

Control of Plants (Registration of Pesticides) Rules (PDF - 126KB)

Control of Plants (Cultivation of Plants) (Licensing and Certification) Rules (PDF - 93KB)

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