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Philodendron xanadu


Philodendron xanadu

Family Name: Araceae
Synonyms: Philodendron 'Xanadu'


Family Name
Genus Epithet
Species Epithet
Name Status (botanical)

Classifications and Characteristics

Plant Growth Form Shrub
Mode of Nutrition Autotrophic


Native Distribution Southern Brazil to Paraguay.

Description and Ethnobotany

Growth Form A chamaephyte that usually grow to about 1.6 m wide and 1 m tall. 
Roots The roots are often reddish brown (about 9 – 14 mm in diameter) with longitudinal fissures. 
Foliage Leaves have slightly leathery (sub-coriaceous) blades. The upper surface is dark green and moderately glossy while the underside is slightly less green and weakly glossy. Leaves are pinnatisect with about 10 primary lateral lobes on each side. Two side of the blade are angled 20-30° upwards to the midrib. Usually 25 – 31 cm long and 17 – 25 cm wide, it is believed that the maximum size of the leaf blade can be over 1 m in length. Petioles (8 – 9 mm) are green, grooved and slightly glossy. A C-shaped canal is also present on the upper surfaces of the petioles. Narrow cataphylls are about 21 cm long and turn from green to dark brown when dried. 
Stems Stem is dark brown and about 3 – 5 cm in diameter with short internodes and presence of acrid sap. Leaf scars are conspicuous, about 2.7 – 3.4 cm wide and 0.9 – 1.8 cm high. 
Flowers Spathe usually 12.8 – 12.5 cm long, is leathery and is dark purple brown or deep purplish red. Creamed coloured spadix is 8.5 – 10.5 cm long, protruding up to 1.5 cm from the spathe. 
Others - Plant Morphology Philodendron xanadu can be differentiated from Philodendron bipinnatifidum by looking at the shape of the petiole and the colour of the spathe. P. xanadu has a C-shaped canal along the petiole which P. bipinnatifidum often has a flat upper surface to the petiole. P. xanadu also have a deep purplish red spathe while the spathe of P. bipinnatifidum is green with a white interior. 

Landscaping Features

Desirable Plant Features Ornamental Foliage
Landscape Uses Interiorscape/ Indoor Plant

Plant Care and Propagation

Light Preference Semi-Shade
Water Preference Moderate Water, Occasional Misting
Plant Growth Rate Moderate


Mature Foliage Colour(s) Green


References Croat, T.B., Mayo, S. & Boos, J.. 2002. A new species of Brazilian Philodendron subgenus Meconostigma (Araceae). Aroideana. 25. 63-66

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Species ID 1486
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Species record last updated on: 20 April 2022.