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Cycas revoluta

Family Name: Cycadaceae
Synonyms: Cycas inermis Oudem., Cycas miquelii Warb.
Common Name: Japanese Cycad, Sago Cycad, Japanses Sago Palm, Cycad, Sago Palm, Japanese Fern Palm
Full Sun Semi Shade Little Water Suitable for Bonsai Indoor Plant Drought Tolerant Cycad


Family Name
Genus Epithet
Species Epithet
Name Status (botanical)
Common Names

Classifications and Characteristics

Plant Division Gymnosperms (Non-Flowering Seed Plants) (Cycad)
Plant Growth Form Cycad
Lifespan (in Singapore) Perennial
Maximum Height 6 m


Native Distribution Japan
Native Habitat Terrestrial
Preferred Climate Zone Sub-Tropical / Monsoonal

Description and Ethnobotany

Foliage Feather like leaves up to 1m long. The leaflets are stiff and pointed. 
Habitat Found between 100 - 500m. altitude. Usually grow in exposed location on steep limestone cliffs and rocks overhanging the shoreline, sometimes in low dense forest in heavy shade. 
Associated Fauna Cycad Blue (Chilades pandava pandava)
Ethnobotanical Uses Medicinal ( The Chinese make use of the down among of young leaves and the woolly bracts bearing the females spores to treat wounds. The seeds are considered tonic; used to promote the expulsion of phlegm from the respiratory passages, to increase the menstrual flow and to treat rheumatism.)

Landscaping Features

Plant & Rootzone Preference - Tolerance Dry Soils / Drought, Well-Drained Soils, Fertile Loamy Soils
Landscape Uses Bonsai, Parks & Gardens, Small Gardens, Interiorscape/ Indoor Plant, Container Planting
Usage Hazard - Cons Remarks Spiky leaves, kept away from paths when planting. 

Plant Care and Propagation

Light Preference Full Sun, Semi-Shade
Water Preference Little Water
Plant Growth Rate Slow
Pruning Once leaves turn yellow or brown, they should be removed from plant.
Pest(s) Sucking Insects
Propagation Method Seed
Seed or Spore Germination Duration From 3
Seed or Spore Germination Duration To 9
Seed or Spore Germination Duration Unit Months


Foliage Retention Evergreen
Mature Foliage Colour(s) Green
Foliar Arrangement Along Stem Spiral

Fruit, Seed and Spore

Cone or Strobilus Type Frond-like Strobilus(Cycadaceae)

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Master ID 30769
Species ID 5108
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Species record last updated on: 19 August 2021.