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Begonia hirtella


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Family Name: Begoniaceae
Common Name: The Bearded Begonia


Family Name
Genus Epithet
Species Epithet
Name Authority
Common Names

Classifications and Characteristics

Plant Growth Form Herbaceous Plant
Lifespan (in Singapore) Perennial
Mode of Nutrition Autotrophic
Maximum Height 25 cm


Native Distribution Brazil, Peru, Colombia
Native Habitat Terrestrial
Preferred Climate Zone Tropical, Highland / Montane
Local Conservation Status Non-native (Spontaneous (Casual))

Description and Ethnobotany

Growth Form Succulent herb up to 25cm tall, flowering as early as about 3cm tall.
Foliage Leaves covered with a layer of soft hairs.  Stipules very pale green, densely hairy.
Flowers  Flowers white.

Fauna, Pollination and Dispersal

Pollination Method(s) Biotic (Fauna)
Seed or Spore Dispersal Abiotic

Plant Care and Propagation

Light Preference Semi-Shade
Water Preference Moderate Water
Propagation Method Seed, Stem Cutting


Foliage Retention Evergreen
Mature Foliage Colour(s) Green
Mature Foliage Texture(s) Velvety / Furry / Tomentose

Floral (Angiosperm)

Flower Colour(s) White
Flowering Period Free-Flowering
Flowering Opening Time Time-Independent
Flower Lifespan on Plant Several Days

Fruit, Seed and Spore

Mature Fruit Colour(s) Brown
Mature Fruit Texture(s) Papery
Fruit Classification Simple Fruit
Fruit Type
Mature Seed Colour(s) Brown
Seed Description Seeds numerous, dust like
Seed Quantity Per Fruit Numerous (>20)

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Master ID 30863
Species ID 5233
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Species record last updated on: 05 August 2022.