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East Coast Park - Cyclist Park

Located at Area D of East Coast Park, the 5.4-hectare Cyclist Park serves as a one-stop hub for cyclists along the Round-Island-Route (RIR).

Visitors can explore two cycling circuits - Learner Circuit and Advanced Circuit - which allow beginners and experienced cyclists to practise various techniques. The Learner Circuit is a 280-metre long track, which includes gentle slopes, flat areas and a BMX trail for novices to improve riding stability and stamina. The 500-metre long Advanced Circuit contains exciting features such as undulating tracks, sharp turns, gradual granite steps and a narrow bridge for more confident cyclists to hone their techniques.

Discover other highlights such as the nature playgarden, F&B and retail outlets for families. The open plazas allow visitors to have an unobstructed view of the sea while lounging on the terrazzo benches.


Learner Circuit

The 280-metre long Learner Circuit is designed for beginners to train their balance and stamina, with its gentle slopes and slight narrowing of tracks at strategic points within the circuit. It also features a gently contoured terrain where beginners can challenge themselves further and practice basic bicycle motocross (BMX) skills.

Advanced Circuit

Cyclists will be able to train their manoeuvring skills along the 500-metre long Advanced Circuit. The Advanced Circuit challenges cycling enthusiasts with features such as the undulating pump track and bridge, zig-zag columns and more.

Nature Playgarden

Roughly 500m2 in area, the nature playgarden has logs that create a material connection with nature and enable children to hone their balancing skills as they climb, balance, or jump over the logs. For older kids, one of the logs has been converted into a 1.5-metre tall mini climbing wall. The logs are upcycled from salvaged wood of trees.


How to get to Cyclist Park

Cyclist Park is located at East Coast Park Area D and is accessible via East Coast Park Service Road. It is accessible via the underpass linking Mandarin Gardens to D3 Carpark and via Siglap Park Connector. The nearest bus stop can be found next to D3 Carpark and is served by bus 401 (Bus service 401 is suspended until further notice).


Last updated on 05 November 2021

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