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Developers, Architects and Engineers


Our vision is to make Singapore our garden. 

As we work towards enhancing the greenery in our City in a Garden, we work with developers, Qualified Persons (Architects and Engineers) and other public agencies to implement greenery provision, tree planting and tree conservation programmes for development projects in Singapore. 

At Development Control (DC) and Building Plan (BP) stages of the project, developers and Qualified Persons will incorporate the greenery requirements in their development submission plans to us. We will evaluate the development submissions against guidelines to ensure that greenery requirements such as green buffer, tree planting along roadsides and within development compounds, conservation of mature trees are met before issuing clearances for the submissions. 

As Singapore has limited land space, skyrise greenery is also a new dimension of integrating greenery into our urban environment. We have introduced the Skyrise Greenery Incentive Scheme (SGIS) to encourage developers and building owners to implement skyrise greenery in their buildings and developments. Under the Scheme, NParks will fund up to 50% of installation costs of green roofs and vertical greenery. There is also the Landscape Excellence Assessment Framework (LEAF), which is a certification scheme to recognise development projects with outstanding greenery.



Last updated on 15 November 2017

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