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Gardeners' Day Out

Missing our signature event, Gardeners' Day Out?

You can now participate from the comfort of your own home, with online activities such as talks and demonstrations by experts, video tutorials of kids’ activities involving handicrafts, and promotions from gardening-related vendors. Videos will be released at 10 am.

On site, there are workshops and free guided tours in HortPark (with safe management measures). Check this page for monthly updates of our programme and schedule.


August 2021 Gardeners’ Day Out


Online Videos

Five Edible Flowers (via NParksSG YouTube)


Edible flowers are a fun and simple way to spice up your food. They offer a variety of flavours as well as colours that are a feast for both the stomach and eyes.


Find out more about about five edible flowers that you can grow and eat!


Watch this video on 21 Aug 2021, 10 am


Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour: HortPark Valley of Edibles (via NParksSG YouTube)



Hop on for a virtual tour with us at HortPark’s Valley of Edibles garden! From unique edible plants to sustainable horticulture techniques, there is much to discover at this themed garden.


Facebook Live

Growing Pollinator-attracting Plants



Photo credit: Jacqueline Chua


Did you know that one out of every three bites of food is dependent on pollinators? Birds, bees, butterflies and bats are an important part of our ecosystem because they help transport pollen from one flower to another, helping a wide variety of plants to fruit.


Come learn about these animals and what you can plant to support them! Invite them to your garden and they will do all the work of helping your plants produce more fruits.


Join us “live” on 21 Aug 2021 here, 10 am


No registration needed


August's "Dine-in" Special 

Gardening with Edibles Masterclass: Tomatoes, Eggplants and Lady’s Fingers (via NParksSG YouTube)



Tomatoes, eggplants and lady’s fingers are some of the common and popular fruited vegetables grown for culinary purposes. There are many different cultivars of these fruited vegetables that are grown all over the world, with varying levels of difficulty in cultivation.


Learn about some of these interesting cultivars in this Gardening with Edibles Masterclass and pick up some useful tips on how to better care for them.


Watch the completed Gardening with Edibles Masterclass series here



One Ingredient, Two Ways: Chef and Home Cook (via NParksSG YouTube)



Join home cook Lilian and professional chef Alex as they whip up a delicious menu starring one simple ingredient! 



The Floral Arranger Series: Floral Delight (via NParksSG YouTube)




Can’t find a fancy vase for your floral arrangement? Fret not! Learn to create your very own display of beautiful blooms and leaves in everyday houseware that’s sure to wow your guests at any dining table!




Please note that there will be no workshops for the month of August.


Guided Tours


Please note that there will be no guided tours for the month of August.


Gardening Promotions Directory

Here are promotions offered by some merchants and hobbyists. Check out July and August's gardening directory here to get your gardening-related materials!


Past Gardeners' Day Out

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Last updated on 30 July 2021

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