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Gardener's Day Out

Missing our signature event, Gardeners' Day Out?

You can now participate in the comfort of your own home, with online activities such as talks and demonstrations by experts, video tutorials of kids' activities involving handicrafts and promotions offered.

On site, there are workshops and free guided tours in HortPark (with safe management measures). Check this page for monthly updates to our programme and schedule.


January 2021 | Gardeners’ Day Out


Gardening Spotlight

Webinar (via Zoom)

Sustainable Practices for your Home Garden: Crop Rotation by Jacky Loy

Tired of always relying on chemicals sprays and amendments to revive your soil? This talk Introduces crop rotation, the natural and substance-free gardening practice that controls plant pests and diseases without harming our environment. Join this talk by Jacky Loy as he shares the benefits of crop rotation, and simple plant-selection tips that will surely aid your edibles gardening.

Date: 16 Jan 2020, Saturday

Time: 10am – 11am on Zoom

Registration for this talk is full

Online Demonstration


1. Be My Valentine! Floral Arrangement by Pearl Ho

Follow our new floral arrangement series by Pearl Ho in 2021 every Gardeners’ Day Out. In the first edition on NParksSG YouTube, inspired by the season of Love, learn how to do a heart-shaped arrangement to impress your significant other.


2. Plant Nutrition 101 by Rake Spade

Ever wondered why your plants are not thriving as they were before you first acquired them? Join Ithiel and Julian from Rake Spade as they equip you with foundational plant nutrition and fertilization know-hows to troubleshoot common houseplant deficiencies!

Watch the video here.


Kids’ Activities

Planning to stay at home with your kids over the weekend? Why not try your hands at some simple activities using plant materials to engage them and cultivate their interest in crafts and gardening!


1. Plant Hearts (via NParksSG YouTube)

It is the season of love! Let your little ones DIY a little heart ornament to express their love for their family.


2. Sensory Plate (via NParksSG YouTube)

Turn sensory play with your kids into a session using edibles! Dried corn, beans and leaves are easily sourced, and makes great and safe materials for artwork!



Gardening Promotions Directory

Here are promotions offered by some merchants and hobbyists. Check out the list here to get your gardening-related materials!


Guided Tours

Guided tour registration closed

Tour and Timings


Thematic Gardens Tour - 9am, 10.30am 

16th Jan 2021 (Saturday)

Edibles Discovery Tour - 9am, 10.30am

Bees and Butterflies Trail Tour - 9am, 10.30am


Last updated on 28 January 2021

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