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Kent Ridge Park


The staircase to Kent Ridge Park from Springwood Height is closed for maintenance from 16 October 2023. There is no access to the park from Springwood Height. Please enter the park from Vigilante Drive or Pepys Road. You may also use the playground and fitness corner at Jambol Place Park during this time. The expected completion date is 25 February 2024. Please refer to the map.

Things To Do

  • Bird Watching

    Bird Watching

    Bring along a pair of binoculars and spot the resident Brahminy Kites and Greater Racquet-tailed Drongos.

  • Photography


    Plan a wonderful wedding shoot, or simply capture what Mother Nature has to offer.

  • Exercising

    Exercise & Workout

    Did you know that Kent Ridge Park has the highest number of exercise equipment sets amongst other parks? Most of these sets are suitable for use by the elderly. You may also want to participate in group activities early morning, where fresh air is in great supply on the elevated hill tops.

  • Heritage Walk

    Heritage Trails & Guided Tours

    A battle site where Lieutenant Adnan bin Saidi and his platoon faced off against a large Japanese invasion force, immerse yourself in rich World War II history with the storyboards, or visit the Reflections at Bukit Chandu, a museum opposite the Canopy Walk.

  • Walking and Jogging

    Walking & Jogging

    The cyclical route around the park is perfect for the health buff who wishes to do laps amidst lush scenery such as the Tembusu Grove.

  • Nature Guided Walk

    Nature Appreciation & Nature Walks

    Take a stroll around the park and listen to the various birdcalls and cicadas. Nature trails that intertwine with the mountain bike trails lead you into the heart of the secondary forest. Do remember to keep on track though, because no hikers on the mountain bike trails allowed.

  • Mountain Bike Trail

    Mountain Biking

    Come try one of four mountain bike trails in Singapore. Not for the faint of heart, try only if you’re an intermediate or advanced rider.

  • Volunteer at HortPark & the Southern Ridges

    If you are fond of gardening and nature, sign up as a volunteer at HortPark and the Southern Ridges! We welcome corporate organisations and schools to join us as volunteers too.

Last updated on 04 October 2023

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