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Sembawang Hot Spring Park


  1. Please bring your own buckets or pails to use in the park.
  2. Maintenance days are Mondays & Thursday weekly; during this time the cascading pools & footbath will be closed from 11am to 2pm for cleaning.
  3. If you cycle or ride a PMD to the park, please park your bicycle or device at the designated bicycle park located behind the toilet block. As cycling and riding is not allowed within the park, please dismount and push your bicycle once you reach the park.
  4. No permit is required for groups smaller than 20 people. For groups larger than 20 people, please submit a permit application before visiting the park. Do note that the park currently experiences high visitorship on weekday evenings from 4pm to 7pm and all day on weekends and public holidays.

Things To Do

  • Sembawang Hot Spring Park Cascading pool

    Foot Bath

    Enjoy a foot soak at the edge of the cascading pool where water gradually cools as it flows down four tiered pools! The pool mimics the hot spring in its natural state, where overflowing pools of hot water form after emerging from the ground. Water emerges at the top at 70°C and will flow out at the final pool at 40°C, which is the optimal temperature for contact with skin.

  • Sembawang Hot Spring Park Water collection point

    Hot Spring Water Collection

    Collect hot spring water at 70°C in your own buckets and enjoy it at rest areas sheltered by trellises.

  • Sembawang Hot Spring Park Water play feature

    Educational Zone

    Come and explore the interactive water play feature that allows children to learn about the groundwater cycle, as well as play safely with the warm spring water. It is designed as a table to allow everyone to use as a gathering space at the hot spring.

  • Sembawang Hot Spring Park Floral Walk

    Nature and Heritage Appreciation

    Enjoy a leisurely stroll down memory lane at the new Floral Walk. Learn about the fruit trees and edible plants commonly found in kampungs, as well as flowers commonly used in horticulture and gardening in 1960s and 1990s.

    Explore the unique history of the site and geothermal processes behind the formation of a hot spring through with the help of educational panels on a self-guided tour!

  • Sembawang Hot Spring Park Dining


    Tuck into local delights such as traditional eggs and toast, laksa and nasi lemak, at Sembawang Eating House, which is a family-friendly establishment.

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Last updated on 13 September 2023

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