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Filming & Photography

Do I need a permit?

Permits are required for all filming and commercial photography in the Gardens. You may apply for a permit here.

How far in advance should I apply for a permit?

Permit applications have to be summitted at least 14 days prior to the proposed filming or photography dates.

Where am I NOT allowed to film?

Filming is NOT allowed at Clusia Cove, Forest Ramble and Entrance Pavilion for the convenience of other garden users.

Rules and Regulations:

•                  Filming and photography should be carried out on weekdays during off-peak periods (0900hrs - 1700hrs)

•                  Do not deface or damage any property or plants in the premises. The use of nails, hooks or like, to hang or tie any object to shrubs and trees is prohibited.

•                  No vehicles are allowed to enter the garden. 

•                  Do not block off any areas (e.g. toilet, shelter, pathways) within our garden for your exclusive use. 

•                  Do not set up any structures without the prior approval of NParks. All kinds of tracks and power generating devices are not allowed. 

•                  The site must be kept clean and tidy at all times during your event. Please remove all refuse generated, immediately after your event at your own cost. 

•                  No props are allowed

•                  At the Grasslands, stick to the designated trails at all times. Do not stray off trail into the grasses. Lighting, including flash, is not allowed to protect the biodiversity.

Use of the Gardens for Organised/Group Activities

Jurong Lake Gardens is a public garden for the enjoyment of all. Any form of set-up, structure, equipment etc. is not permitted without prior approval of NParks. Activities promoting a cause or activities which inconvenience or cause discomfort to other visitors will not be permitted. 

For use of the Gardens for organised or group activities, please submit the application below. Please note that approval of this application does not grant you exclusive use of shelters, lawns or any other areas in the Gardens.

Applications must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the proposed date of use.

For Indoor Venue Rental on Private and Corporate Functions, please click here.


NParks Feedback Form:

NParks Helpline: 1800 471 7300 


Mail: 50 Yuan Ching Rd, Singapore 618661
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