Garden Advisory


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Garden Advisory  

Advisories pertaining to COVID-19 (Phase 3)

In line with the Multi Ministry Taskforce’s latest advisory for Phase 3, please see the below updates for our Gardens.

If you are heading to the Gardens, please do so in a group of not more than 8 people. Please observe a safe distance of at least one metre between members of the group, as well as with other visitors.

Social and recreational activities such as having picnics, photography, taichi, or playing ball games, will be permitted but within a group size of maximum 8 people.

You are required to wear a mask, except when engaging in strenuous exercises or consuming food, drink or medication.

Visitors engaging in sports and physical exercises should observe all safe management measures as stipulated by Sport Singapore.

All gardening activities at allotment gardens will be limited to groups of up to eight persons each. Gardeners must wear masks at all times and observe safe distancing measures.

Our F&B outlet are permitted to open for takeaway and dine-in for group sizes of up to 8 people with safe management measures following guidelines by Enterprise Singapore.

The following will remain closed until further notice:

- Barbeque Pits 

Please observe the advisories which have been put up in the Gardens.

Some of our facilities could be closed temporarily to ensure ample space for safe distancing or for maintenance works.

Before heading down to our parks, please visit for the latest updates on visitorship levels. You can also check our website for the latest advisories for parks, gardens and nature reserves in response to the COVID-19 situation.

For more info on COVID-19 matters for the animal/pet sector, please visit the Animal & Veterinary Service website.

Thank you for being socially responsible. Let’s all do our part to keep Singapore safe.



Garden Rule

Garden Rule