Garden Advisory

Alstonia Island-1

Garden Etiquette

  • Help to keep the garden clean by not smoking or littering.
  • For cyclists, please slow down and dismount from your bicycle at the appropriate places within the garden.
  • If you are bringing your pets, please remember to leash them and clean up after them, out of consideration to other garden visitors.
  • It is against the law to release any animals into our public parks.

For the well-being of our native flora and fauna, please abide by the regulations under the Parks & Trees Act (Cap. 216) and the Parks & Trees Regulations (Cap. 216, RI).


For enquiries, please call 1800-4717300.

  • No littering
  • No smoking
  • No speeding
  • Leash your dogs and clean up after them
  • No flying of kites
  • No feeding of animals
  • No fishing or poaching
  • No releasing of animals
  • No plucking of plants
  • No barbecuing (except with a permit and at designated areas)
  • No camping (including use of tents)
  • No flying of model aircraft


Advisories pertaining to COVID-19

26 Apr 2022 -

In line with the Multi-Ministry Taskforce’s latest advisory, please see the below updates for our gardens, parks, and nature reserves, as we move towards COVID-19 resiliency. Mask-wearing Mask-wearing in outdoor settings such as parks, gardens and nature reserves is optional but continues to be required when you visit our indoor facilities, such as museums, galleries, enclosed visitor centres, and shops.  Do note that our F&B outlets are considered indoor places, so please continue to wear a mask, except when consuming food, drink or medication.

Vaccination-Differentiated Safe Management Measures (VDS)

Vaccination-differentiated safe management measures (VDS) will be eased, except when there are large scale events, weddings, marriage solemnisations of above 500 participants. VDS will also continue to be implemented at our F&B outlets.


Visit our E-Services webpage

For assistance on our e-services, such as booking a BBQ pit, organise group activities to our nature reserves and nature parks or to conduct filming in our green spaces, please visit our “E-Services” webpage here.

Before heading down to our parks, please visit for the latest updates on visitorship levels.

Thank you for doing your part to remain socially responsible as we take strides towards normalcy.