Alstonia Island & Freshwater Swamp Forest

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Explore the natural history of Jurong Lake!

Discover various plants species chosen as reflection of the natural freshwater swamp ecosystem of Jurong at Alstonia Island.

Alstonia Island

Alstonia Island is named after the dominant tree species, Alstonia spatulata, planted on the island. Commonly known as Marsh Pulai, this species has adapted to survive and grow in areas that are constantly flooded. The island has conditions similar to that of a freshwater swamp, as it is constantly flooded.

Freshwater Swamp

The freshwater swamp forest is a habitat that is rich in biodiversity, teeming with unique plants and animals. The flora and fauna of the forest have adapted to cope with constant flooding. For example, some plants have evolved unique root systems such as Xylopia fusca and Alstonia pneumatophora.