Registration of local online veterinary dispensaries

Are you currently operating an e-vet-dispensary?  If so, we encourage you to register with the Animal & Veterinary Service, to ensure that your operations meet our recommendations.
Who needs to register?
Online veterinary dispensaries, or e-vet-dispensaries in short, that provide dispensary services for veterinary health products intended for use in animals, should register with AVS. This includes the dispensation of prescription-only products to be used under the direction of a licensed veterinarian.
Who is eligible?
Your e-vet-dispensary needs to be operating in Singapore and hosted on a Singapore domain name. The e-vet-dispensary is hosted on an independent website and not on any third-party marketplace. An AVS-licensed veterinarian has been appointed to oversee the overall e-vet-dispensary service operations.  
What are the requirements for registration?
Your e-vet-dispensary will be required to comply with the recommendations outlined in our Guidance Document on the provision of e-veterinary dispensary services, which include but are not limited to aspects of IT security and integrity, maintenance of documentation and records, proper handling and delivery of medications, and advertising. More information is in the Guidance Document.
What documents do I need to submit?
Please download and complete the following documents and email to
What happens after registration? 
Upon verification of the submitted documents, we will arrange an on-site inspection for an AVS inspector to assess the premises of your e-vet-dispensary. Once registered with Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS), your e-vet-dispensary will be added to the list of AVS-registered e-vet-dispensaries.
Are there any fees for registration?
There are no fees for registration.
Which are the registered local e-vet-dispensaries?

More information on AVS-registered e-vet-dispensaries can be found here

Do note that the list is meant for informational purposes only, and does not constitute or imply NParks’ endorsement, recommendation or favouring of the listed dispensaries. Any potential customer of the listed online vet dispensaries is expected to conduct their own due diligence and assessment of the services and products as appropriate for their needs.