For guidelines on how to receive accreditation as a dog trainer, you can refer to:

Your video should contain the following segments:
  • Dog's initial behavioural problems
  • Process of training to improve the dog’s behaviour (at least 1 minute)
  • Results seen from the training of both the dog and its owner, including the dog performing the full AVS accreditation syllabus (at least 1 minute)

    You may refer to the accreditation syllabus and video of accreditation syllabus as guidelines for your basic dog obedience training course.

*With effect from 1 January 2021, applications are to be submitted via
online form. Applications which are incomplete or fail to meet the accreditation criteria will not be processed.

Accreditation ensures that dog trainers meet minimum competency standards in dog training. This includes ensuring a dog is properly controlled by its handler, and is less prone to aggression or biting.

Accreditation is not compulsory for dog breeds not listed under types of dogs that have to undergo basic obedience training by an AVS-accredited dog trainer. Non-accredited dog trainers can continue to offer their services to the public.