What is the AVS-Accredited Certified Dog Trainer (ACDT) Scheme?


The AVS-Accredited Certified Dog Trainer (ACDT) Scheme was launched on 10 December 2022 as a benchmark for competency in dog training to better manage dog aggression and other disamenities in an effective and humane way.


Under this scheme, dog trainers will need to obtain certification from the following four independent animal behaviour and training organisations:

  1. International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC)
  2. the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)
  3. the Animal Behaviour Society (ABS)
  4. the American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB)

This ensures that accredited trainers possess a basic understanding of science-based training methods, dog welfare and behaviour, are committed to ethical training approaches, and meet international standards of competency.  


It is voluntary for dog trainers to be accredited under the ACDT scheme. Breeds of dogs listed in the Second Schedule of the Animals and Birds (Dog Licensing and Control) Rules will continue to be required to undergo training by a trainer accredited by AVS, under the ACDT Scheme.


How can I get on the AVS-ACDT Scheme?


If you are a dog trainer and would like to join the ACDT Scheme,


  1. Obtain the Certificate(s) of relevant professional qualifications from any of the four independent animal behaviour and training organisations listed above
  2. Sign the Terms of Accreditation (TOA)
  3. Submit an application via this form, with the above documents


Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application through email within 14 working days. Please note that only fully completed applications will be processed.


Who is currently accredited under the AVS-ACDT Scheme?


The full list of ACDT trainers can be found below (updated as of 28 May 2024). 

Name of Trainer Relevant Certification* Name of Business Email Contact No.
Alan Tibtem - Tay Zi Jian IAABC-ADT Pawsitivemind 9489 7602
Amily Low IAABC-ADT Talk With Dog Singapore
9626 7905
Andrea Thong IAABC-ADT The Oasis SG Pte Ltd 8830 9235
Angie Tan CPDT-KSA Puppylove - 100% Dog-friendly Training -
Anna Koo CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA Mutt Matters 8366 0720
Candy Lim-Soliano IAABC-ADT Kaizen 4 Dogs 9625 6450
Chew Boon Fong CPDT-KA The Good Pup
8770 2845
Pet Coach SG Pte. Ltd.
9618 6974
Choo Kwang Meng IAABC-ADT Gentlepaws 8126 3952
Daryle Goh IAABC-ADT Happy Paw Ark Pte Ltd 9170 5312
Dexter Sim IAABC-ADT Puppy to Utility Practical Solutions, (PUPS) LLP 8774 0168
Doris Lam CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA Perfect K9 9623 0782
Florence Koh IAABC-ADT
Gentlepaws 8126 3950
Fraser Noble IAABC-ADT Noble Canine 8608 5691
Fred Leow IAABC-CDBC - 9746 6207
Gan Theng Wei IAABC-ADT Motivating Canine -
Jacky Tan IAABC-ADT Hopefordogs Canine Training 8222 8376
Jennifer Chua IAABC-ADT Motivating Canine 8123 6960 (Whatsapp only)
Jeryl Ng IAABC-ADT Jeryl (Behaviour Specialist) - 9226 2292
Joy Neo CPDT-KA JOYNEO.CO Dog Training 9876 3200
Joseph Lim IAABC-ADT - 9710 2200
June Lim IAABC-ADT A Smiling Leash  9889 7761
Kang Nee IAABC-CDBC, CPDT-KA Contact via: -
Kevin Yeo CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA Pawrus® 8223 9340
Kimberly Tan CPDT-KA K9 Kampong 9152 6932
Liang Xutian IAABC-CDBC West Coast Vetcare Pte Ltd +61 467 044 761 (Whatsapp only)
Liu Xiaoxuan (Xuan) IAABC-ADT Allies of Dogs 9227 2500
Mark McDade CPDT-KA Happy-Dog Training Pte. Ltd. 9183 3009
Max Chua IAABC-ADT - 9746 1205
Megan Kearney CPDT-KA Megan K9 Training 9326 7743
Monica Henson IAABC-ADT  - 9025 0976
Natalie Chan IAABC-ADT - - 9277 9190
Pathmavathi T Somasundram IAABC-ADT Happy Paw Ark Pte Ltd 9170 5312
Patrick Koh Tian Lock IAABC-ADT Pawsitive Furkids 9027 6873
Poh Su Lin CPDT-KA K9 Kampong 9028 0121
Poh Wee Boon IAABC-ADT The Positive Academy and Wellness Centre Pte Ltd 9651 3063
Theresa Yoong CPDT-KA  Paws In The City Dog Training  -
Veronica Tan  IAABC-ADT, CPDT-KA Pawsitive Furkids Pte. Ltd. 9737 4713 
Webster Cheong IAABC-ADT, CPDT-KA
Pet Coach SG Pte. Ltd. 9690 7173
Wilson Song IAABC-ADT Supaw Dog Training 8891 0863
Yap Shi Ying IAABC-ADT Click With Dogs 8727 9297 

*IAABC-CDBC: International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants - Certified Dog Behaviour Consultant

*IAABC-CSB-D: International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants - Certified in Shelter Behaviour - Dog

*IAABC-ADT: International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants - Accredited Dog Trainer

*CCPDT CBCC-KA: Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (Certified Behaviour Consultant Canine - Knowledge Assessed)

*CCPDT CPDT-KSA: Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge and Skills Assessed)

*CCPDT CPDT-KA: Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed)



I am currently accredited under PADT. How can I get on the new ACDT Scheme?


Trainers already accredited under the PADT can continue practicing as an “AVS-accredited trainer” for two years until 10 December 2024.  You are encouraged to apply for the new ACDT before this date. After which, AVS will remove PADT trainers who are unable to meet the criteria required for accreditation under the ACDT scheme from the list of AVS-accredited dog trainers under PADT


How do I upskill my skills as a dog trainer?


AVS will organise webinars and workshops to upskill dog trainers and facilitate them in obtaining the necessary knowledge for successful certification, and to aid the current PADT trainers in their transition to the ACDT scheme.  For more updates, please check back this webpage.


For more information on the ACDT Scheme, please refer to our info sheet.