Banker’s Guarantee 

The licensee of following types of dogs is required to take up a Banker’s Guarantee:

  • Specified dogs.
  • Any dog assessed by AVS to be aggressive and/or potentially dangerous.
Type of breed   Banker's Guarantee amount
Dog of a breed listed in Part II in the list of Specified dogs S$2,000
Dog of a breed listed in Part I in the list of Specified dogs S$5,000
A copy of the Banker’s Guarantee must be submitted online via PALS, within 4 weeks of licence application, and subsequently during licence renewal.
The Banker’s Guarantee should be valid through the period of the dog licence. For multi-year dog licences, you should synchronise the Banker’s Guarantee’s expiry date with that of the dog licence.
You can approach any local bank or seek assistance from an insurance company providing administrative services to process the guarantee.
Download the template for a Banker’s Guarantee here.