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Animal Encounters

Despite being a small island, Singapore is home to a wide range of biodiversity. Our efforts to enhance our natural spaces under our City in Nature vision have also brought people and nature closer together. Sometimes, we may come across certain creatures such as a wild boar or a snake, and are unsure of how we should react. What we need to remember is that many wild animals would much rather not encounter us, and would not attack unless provoked or threatened.
We hope our series of animal advisory posters will help provide more information on how to react when we encounter animals in Singapore.
More information in this guidebook here which covers several wildlife species commonly encountered in Singapore, the dos and don’ts when you encounter them, and how you can prevent their incursion into your homes.
Interested to find out more about the human-wildlife encounters in Singapore? Tune in to our series of public webinars hosted by NParks here.
Last updated on 03 February 2024

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