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Handbook on Habitat Restoration: General Principles and Case Studies in Singapore


Featuring case studies across 24 sites in Singapore, the Handbook on Habitat Restoration encapsulates Singapore’s experiences in habitat restoration and enhancement for a diversity of ecosystems. It takes reference from international standards and provides hands-on information for practitioners on how habitat restoration can be conducted more effectively.


The main objectives of this handbook are to:

  • Capture and distil the principles and methodologies used in habitat restoration and habitat enhancement
  • Discuss projects that had been carried out in Singapore, particularly by NParks
  • Share regional and international perspectives in habitat restoration and enhancement efforts
  • Encourage the evaluation and monitoring of habitat restoration and enhancement initiatives for further improvement


The chapters comprise the following:


Chapter 1: Habitat Restoration and Enhancement as a Thrust in the Nature Conservation Masterplan and City in Nature Vision [Download PDF]


Chapter 2: Principles and Approaches to Habitat Restoration and Enhancement with Particular Reference to the Singapore Context [Download PDF]


Chapter 3: The Learning Forest: A Habitat Restoration Project that Ecologically Connects with the Singapore Botanic Gardens Rainforest [Download PDF]


Chapter 4: Forest Restoration Action Plan [Download PDF]


Chapter 5: Rifle Range Nature Park: Restoration of Two Ecosystems [Download PDF]


Chapter 6: Enhancing Habitats in Bidadari [Download PDF]


Chapter 7: Nature Ways – Habitat Enhancement in Streetscape for Biodiversity [Download PDF]


Chapter 8: Eco-Link@BKE: Restoring for Connectivity [Download PDF]


Chapter 9: Seeding Inter-agency Exchange behind the Restoration of Kallang River, focussing on Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, as an Ecological Connector [Download PDF]


Chapter 10: Kranji Marshes – Restoration of Marshes and Wetlands [Download PDF]


Chapter 11: Restoration of a Diversity of Ecosystems on Coney Island Park [Download PDF]


Chapter 12: Lessons Learnt from Habitat Restoration at Marsiling Park [Download PDF]


Chapter 13: Coastal Protection Synergy with Mangrove Restoration in Pulau Tekong [Download PDF]


Chapter 14: High-relief Artificial Reefs at Sisters’ Islands Marine Park [Download PDF]


Chapter 15: Habitat Enhancement for Slope Stabilisation at Kent Ridge Park [Download PDF]


Chapter 16: Habitat Enhancement in Small Parks in Highly Urbanised one-north [Download PDF]


Chapter 17: The HortPark Bee Trail: Habitat Enhancement and Education for Bees in Singapore [Download PDF]


Chapter 18: Pond-edge Planting for Habitat Enhancement and Improvement of Parks Users’ Experience in Punggol Park [Download PDF]


Chapter 19: Habitat Restoration Resulting in the Establishment of Hampstead Wetlands Park [Download PDF]


Chapter 20: Mangrove Restoration in Pulau Ubin [Download PDF]


Chapter 21: Conservation and Restoration of Pasir Ris Park Mangroves [Download PDF]


Chapter 22: Artificial Tidal Pools: Habitat Enhancement of Built-up Shorelines of Singapore [Download PDF]


Chapter 23: Singapore Index on Cities’ Biodiversity A Monitoring Tool for Biodiversity Conservation Efforts [Download PDF]


Chapter 24: Habitat Enhancement Aided by Geographic Information Systems (GIS) [Download PDF]


Chapter 25: Naturalising our Parks Framework [Download PDF]


Chapter 26: Reef Restoration in Singapore [Download PDF]


Chapter 27: Future Directions of Habitat Restoration and Enhancement in Singapore [Download PDF]


You can also download the full handbook in low resolution (10 MB) or high resolution (36.4 MB).

Last updated on 26 October 2023

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