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Ahaetulla fasciolata


Ahaetulla fasciolata (Fischer, 1885)

Family Name: Colubridae
Taxonomic Group: Vertebrates (Reptile)
Common Name: Speckle-headed Whip Snake


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Description Grey or brownish above, spotted with black curved lines and rings. Body is brownish or pinkish-grey above, with numerous faint crossbars on the neck. Bottom is white, with black line on edges and a black median line. Snout pointed.

Ecology, Habitat & Location

Ecological Notes Inhabits mature forest, being primarily arboreal and diurnal in habits and apparently feeds mainly on lizards.
Habitats Forest, Terrestrial
Distribution In Singapore, it is known from the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. Distributed in the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo.
Nature Reserves Bukit Timah Nature Reserve


Trends & Threats Mainly from habitat degradation and apparently small population size.
Scientific Interest & Potential Value Not known.
Conservation Notes Habitat protection must be continued for its known habitat in Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.


Species Status Native
Conservation Status Rare
Singapore Red Data Book Status Critically Endangered (CR) [2008], Vulnerable (V) [1994]




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