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Ahaetulla prasina

Family Name: Colubridae
Taxonomic Group: Vertebrates (Reptile)
Common Name: Oriental Whip Snake


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Size 1.9 m
Description Head distinct from very slender body, snout pointed in side profile. Pupil of eye horizontally elongated. Adults bright fluorescent green above, juveniles yellow to pale brown. Snout twice as long as width of the eye. Ventrum pale green with a pair of yellow stripes.

Ecology, Habitat & Location

Ecological Notes Arboreal and diurnal. Inhabit forest edge, scrubland and gardens. Feed on lizards, frogs and small birds. Gives birth to live young. Mildly venomous, but usually not aggressive. Occurs in Singapore in wooded areas, and suburban parks and gardens.  
Habitats Forest, Parks & Gardens
Distribution Widely distributed from eastern India, Myanmar, southern China, Thailand and Indochina, the Philippines, southwards through the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra, Borneo, Java and Sulawesi.
Nature Reserves Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Nature Reserve


Species Status Native
Conservation Status Common




References Baker, N. & Lim, K. 2008. Wild animals of Singapore. Singapore: Draco Publishing and Distribution Pte Ltd. 180pp


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Species record last updated on: 21 August 2019.