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Saintpaulia ionantha H. Wendl.

Family Name: Gesneriaceae
Common Name: African Violet, 非洲堇, 非洲紫罗兰

Saintpaulia ionantha or African violet is a low, compact plant with dark green, thick, hairy leaves. Flowers are tubular, purple or white in colour. African violet is widely cultivated into numerous cultivars and hybrids. They can come in various shades of pink, fuschia or variegated.

Semi-Shade Moderate Water Interiorscape / Indoor Plant Ornamental Flowers


Family Name
Genus Epithet
Species Epithet
Name Authority
Name Status (botanical)
Common Names
Species Summary

Classifications and Characteristics

Plant Division Angiosperms (Flowering Seed Plants)
Lifespan (in Singapore) Perennial


Native Distribution Africa
Native Habitat Terrestrial

Description and Ethnobotany

Growth Form It is a herbaceous plant with a low, compact growth form.
Foliage Its succulent leaves are round to oval, dark-green, covered with whitish hairs.
Flowers Flowers are short, tubular, violet-blue or white in colour.
Cultivation African violets need porous soils with good drainage, under partial shade or bright filtered sunlight.

Landscaping Features

Desirable Plant Features Ornamental Flowers
Plant & Rootzone Preference - Tolerance Well-Drained Soils
Landscape Uses Interiorscape/ Indoor Plant

Plant Care and Propagation

Light Preference Semi-Shade
Water Preference Moderate Water
Propagation Method Seed, Tissue Culture
Propagation Method Remarks Leaf cutting


Mature Foliage Colour(s) Green
Leaf Area Index (LAI) for Green Plot Ratio 4.5 (Shrub & Groundcover - Dicot)

Floral (Angiosperm)

Flower Colour(s) Red, Pink, Purple, White
Flower Grouping Cluster / Inflorescence

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Master ID 1119
Species ID 2412
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Species record last updated on: 30 April 2021.