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Labrador Nature Reserve



  1. Some parts of Labrador Nature Reserve, including the jetty, will be closed from 1 March 2023 for slope repair works. For more information, click here.
  2. Bukit Chermin Boardwalk will be closed for maintenance until 30 June 2023. We seek your understanding that there is a delay in the completion of the maintenance work. Please use Berlayer Creek boardwalk from Labrador Park MRT to access to Labrador Nature Park. Members of public are also advised not to enter the worksite to facilitate the completion of the maintenance work. For more information, click here.
  3. For public safety, the Casemate and the Rocky Shore are closed.

Organised group activities (including learning journeys and hiking)

  • For organised group activities to our nature reserves and nature parks, an application is needed. For more information click here.

Things To Do

  • Black naped oriole

    Bird Watching

    It is not uncommon for visitors to hear songs from a variety of bird species at Labrador Nature Reserve. Keep a lookout for the Oriental Magpie-Robin and Black-Naped Oriole.

  • Sightseeing

    Check out the remnants of what used to be a British military battlement. Features include the machine gun post and artillery pieces.

  • Photo taking


    Home to the only coastal cliff in Singapore, nature photographers are in for a treat! You might be lucky enough to catch the mighty White-bellied Sea Eagle in action!

  • Barbeque pits


    Family outings are so much more fun around the barbecue pits. You can book a barbecue pit at Labrador Nature Reserve.

  • Dining & Picnics

    Those who enjoy fine dining every once in a while may consider having a meal at Tamarind Hill Restaurant. The restaurant is set in a restored historic colonial bungalow serving traditional and contemporary Siamese cuisine. Alternatively, if you wish to have a picnic at the park, there is plenty of shade along the scenic promenade for you to have your picnic.

  • Walk along the promenade with a sea view

    Exercise & Workout

    Enjoy the breeze while using any of the nine sets of fitness equipment found in the park. You can also take in the scenic view of the sea and nearby islands while you jog in the park.

  • Fishing along the Promenade


    For fishing enthusiasts, various species of fishes can be caught along the shoreline of the promenade.

  • Guided Walks in Labrador

    Heritage Trails & Guided Tours

    Labrador Nature Reserve was an important World War II site. Embark on a learning journey to learn about its history, and visit sites such as the Pill Box and the Fort.

  • Common Flameback Woodpecker

    Nature Appreciation & Nature Walks

    Crucial to Singapore’s biodiversity, back mangrove species can be found at the Berlayer Creek boardwalk, while coastal cliff vegetation can be found in the nature reserve. You can also try taking a walk through a mildly-challenging Coastal Path & Nature Path inside the Labrador Nature Reserve.

  • LNR map thumbnail

    Labrador Nature Reserve Map

    On your journey of discovery, remember some simple tips to help make park visits enjoyable for everyone.
    Click on the map link to find out more.

  • Volunteering

    Keen to be part of our biodiversity conservation efforts? Translate your passion into action and sign up as a Central Nature Reserve volunteer!

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Last updated on 25 April 2023

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