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Pasir Ris Park
  • BBQ Pits
  • Bicycle Skate Kiosk
  • Playground
  • Carpark
  • Fitness Area
  • Restaurant
  • Shelters
  • Pond
  • Venue for Holding Events
  • Bike Rental
  • Camping Site
  • Skateboard Area
  • Restrooms
Pasir Ris Park


  1. Interested in biodiversity or gardening? Join us as a volunteer to help enhance our park habitat for butterflies and birds. You can also be involved in planting and maintaining a wide array of vegetables, herbs and spices in our Kitchen Garden. Click here for more information.
  2. If you intend to pitch a tent in Pasir Ris Park, do remember to apply for a camping permit at any AXS machine. Please note that pitching of tents is only allowed in Area 1 and Area 3 of the park.
  3. Gallop Stable is currently closed for renovation until further notice.
  4. A section of the playground at Pasir Ris Park will be closed for upgrading works from 1 August to mid- November 2016.  Click here for further details.
  5. The toilet E1 at Pasir Ris Park is closed for improvement works from 23 August to end December 2016. Click here for further details.

  6. The toilet C1 at Pasir Ris Park is closed for improvement works from 17 August to end December 2016. Click here for further details.

  7. The toilet E2 at Pasir Ris Park is closed for improvement works from 29 August to end February 2017. Click here for further details.

Things To Do

  • Barbecuing

    Fancy cooking your own food and eating in the great outdoors? You can hold a barbecue at Pasir Ris Park. There are 65 BBQ pits located across the entire park.

  • Cycling in a park

    Cycling & Inline Skating

    Cycling is an activity that many visitors to Pasir Ris Park enjoy. Come with your own bicycle or you can rent one from the bicycle kiosks found within the park.

  • Dining

    Pasir Ris Park offers a wide range of dining options by the beach.

  • Water Sports

    As the park is situated close to the sea, there are a number of water sports that visitors can engage in. Those who enjoy water sports may want to try their hand at this.

  • Pony Rides

    Ready for something different? Get to know these gentle animals by feeding or riding them. You can even sign up for some riding classes.
    Please note that the pony riding facility at Pasir Ris Park is closed for renovations until further notice.

  • Camping

    There are designated areas within Pasir Ris Park where you can set up a tent and spend the night. To do so, you need to apply for a camping permit first. (You need to have a valid residential address in Singapore to apply for a camping permit.)

  • photography


    There is always something at Pasir Ris Park mangrove for shutterbugs – if you enjoy photographing nature at its best, you may in for a surprise at the mangrove and Butterfly Garden.

  • Volunteer

    Pasir Ris Park offers volunteering opportunities if you are interested in volunteering at the Kitchen Garden and Butterfly Garden found inside Pasir Ris Park. Do visit our Volunteer page to find out more about the volunteer opportunities at some of the other parks.

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Last updated on 23 August 2016

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