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Zhenghua Nature Park

Things To Do

  • BW 2

    Bird watching/Photography

    With the possibility of spotting up to 37 species of birds, birdwatching is an activity to do at Zhenghua Nature Park. When the flowers are in full bloom and fruits are aplenty, photography is also a good option.

  • ZHNP Path

    Leisure Activities

    Whether it is leisure cycling on the tarmac footpath or adventurous mountain biking on the undulating terrain from the forest out, we have it! Enjoy a scenic walk instead if you would rather travel on foot than on wheels.

  • ZHP playground

    Sand Play/Playground

    Our newly installed playground adopts a more rugged theme and captures the imagination of the adventurous. The playground is on a huge sandbox for children to engage in imaginative play.

Last updated on 29 March 2018

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