Allotment Gardens

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A space for your own garden and greens. Get your green fingers to work now!

Need a space to nurture your green fingers? Jurong Lake Gardens offer 300 gardening plots for the public to lease and is currently Singapore’s largest allotment garden space.

Each allotment garden plot consists of a raised planter bed (2.5m x 1m) and comes equipped with soil in the planter box, as well as a mini storage area for tools. The lease period for these plots will be typically up to 3 years at a charge of $57 per year (excluding GST), but it may be subject to the Board’s discretion, depending on the lease period available in an existing site.

The Allotment Gardening Scheme allows aspiring gardeners to lease gardening plots to hone their skills and grow their own greens. With space out of the question now, why not take up the chance to create your very own garden?

Grow the herbs and vegetables you need for cooking. Reap the fruits of your labour as you savour your hand-grown edibles. Or simply grow ornamental plants to decorate your garden plot. Bring plants home to add dashes of green in your daily living space. Get creative and grow whatever you like within the space. You may even amaze garden visitors with your creative plots and inspire more people to take up gardening! Head over now to meet and exchange gardening tips with other like-minded people.

For more information on Allotment Gardens and registration procedures, please click here.