Clusia Cove

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Beat the heat, take a dip !

Clusia Cove is a three-hectare water playground where children can experience water movements that mimic tidal patterns, surface ripples and directional currents similar to those at coastal shores. Here, water play is infused with learning as they get to learn about the dynamics of water and the natural tides cycle.

Furthermore, they can also learn about how the water they are playing in is cleansed by natural treatment methods using a water recycling system. The water in Clusia Cove is in a closed loop circulation that links the cleansing biotope, water playground and eco-pond.

The cleansing biotope serves as a natural water treatment system that consists of a series of cleansing cells containing sand beds that filter out particulate matter, as well as semi-aquatic plants which absorb excess nutrients from the water and release oxygen, reducing algae growth while cleansing the water. Did you know that plants like the Common Susum (Hanguana malayanum) plays a role in water treatment? Head over to discover our Plantae cleansing helpers.

The water then filters through the cleansing cells into an underground ultraviolet (UV) room where it is further purified with Active Filter Media (AFM), then disinfected by UV treatment before being pumped to the water playground for visitors to play safely. 

From the water playground, water enters the eco-pond that simulates a freshwater wetland ecosystem. Here, the substrate surface acts as a filter that traps debris and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. Semi-aquatic plants present in the eco-pond does the initial round of cleansing before water is pumped into the biotope again, and the closed-loop circulation repeats, constantly maintaining the water quality.

Have you ever wondered how the name “Clusia Cove” came about? It is named after one of the semi aquatic plants found in the eco-pond, the Autograph Tree (Clusia rosea).