Forest Ramble (Nature Playgarden)

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Discover the wildlife in the gardens! 

Forest Ramble is a playground inspired by nature, with features that enable children to mimic the natural movements of the creatures that inhabit freshwater swamp forests. At 2.3 hectares, Forest Ramble is the largest nature playgarden in the heartlands.


There are 13 different adventure stations within Forest Ramble for children to explore, each with their own unique features. These adventure stations are inspired by animals that can be found in Jurong Lake Gardens, and emulate the movement of the animals in a freshwater swamp forest. The play stations can allow one to glide gracefully through the air like the Grey Heron, leap around like the Squirrel, or splash around like the playful Smooth-coated Otter. Forest Ramble also contains inclusive play elements that allows children of all abilities to play together in nature, and everyone can create their own unique adventure play experience while there.