Entrance Pavilion


A warm welcome to Jurong Lake Gardens.


The Entrance Pavilion is one of the main entrances into Jurong Lake Gardens. Located next to the North Carpark, the Entrance Pavilion serves as gateway that brings visitors to the garden’s popular attractions in the north such as Clusia Cove and Forest Ramble.


Taking inspiration from nature, the Entrance Pavilion is designed to resemble the crown of a Malayan Banyan (Ficus microcarpa), , with pillars resembling the tree’s aerial roots and the “holes” in the ceiling resembling the shape of the Malayan Banyan’s trunk. Visitors can look up and imagine themselves standing under the restful shade of the Malayan Banyan, with rays of sunlight penetrating the canopy.


Visitors can visit the Information Counter if they have any queries and our friendly Visitor Services counter staff will be glad to help. Wheelchairs are available for rental at the Information Counter from 8.30am to 6.30 am daily.