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Sharing the Fruits of your Labour

 Liang Wei Yu_Waterway Pri

When I first started growing the Sunflower seeds, I had almost lost hope because the seeds did not sprout even after two weeks. However, by the third week, the seeds sprouted, and the seedlings grew over 40 centimetres within a month. Now, it has grown beyond 140 centimetres. One of the plants even has three flowers on the same stalk.

Growing the Sunflower was easy; I only had to put it near a window, water it and add some fertiliser. Before planting the seeds, I was both excited and curious about the outcome. When I finally saw the flower buds, I was so happy! Growing my Sunflower plant may just be one of the best experiences of my life!

Liang Wei Yu
Waterway Primary School

 Hayden Wee_Waterway Pri

Two of my Roselle plants have flower buds, which is great! My mother and I take care of them and ensure that the leaves do not turn yellow. My mother uses fertiliser that has higher phosphorus and potassium content to promote flowering. I water them every morning except when it rains and add fertiliser regularly.

Hayden Wee
Waterway Primary School

 Jaden_Waterway Pri

I was given the Roselle plant starter kit. Every day, my classmates and I will water our plants in school. Within a week of our planting, my friends' plants has started growing yet nothing was happening to mine. I started to get worried. I approached my Science teacher for help, and she gave me chilli seeds and encouraged me to try growing them. One week later, some of the seeds sprouted. I was overjoyed! My chilli plant is now growing very well and I hope it will bear fruits soon.

Jaden Tan
Waterway Primary School

 Zoelle Tan_Waterway Pri

I was delighted to be given the Kang Kong seeds in my plant starter kit. 

My friends and I enjoyed caring for our plants every day. We were excited when the seeds started to sprout. When the holidays started, we brought out plants home. I transferred my Kang Kong seedlings to a bigger pot and continued to water them every day. It was so encouraging to see my Kang Kong grow bigger and taller every week. A few months later, the plant grew so big and tall that my mum and I decided to harvest it and added it to my lunch. Yummy!

My mum and I kept two stalks and we tried rooting them. Three days later, fine roots could be seen and when the roots had thickened, we transferred them into pots with soil. Alas, the remaining Kang Kong did not survive long this time. I was sad to see it slowly wither and die.

This was a good experience for me and I am now growing chilli and mint plants at home.

Zoelle Tan
Waterway Primary School

I enjoyed growing my plant and I learned that plants need just the right amount of water and care to grow. If the plant does not receive the right amount of water (too little, or even too much), it will not grow well. 

Megan Sierra Chan
St Hilda's Primary School

Thank you for giving me a hamper for participating in the Every Child A Seed programme!
Megan Sierra Chan
St Hilda's Primary School

Admiring my  four healthy Roselle seedlings!
Cheerry Chai Xuan Ying
Maha Bodhi School
Many thanks to the National Parks Board for the hamper. I’ve also planted kidney beans on my own. I hope they will grow well!
Cheerry Chai Xuan Ying
Maha Bodhi School

My Roselle plant has grown so much taller! I enjoyed the Roselle tea (made from the plant’s seed pods) - it tastes like Ribena.
Ho Rae Wen Bryan
Nanyang Primary School

I enjoyed the planting experience. I want to have "green fingers"!
Ho Rae Wen Bryan
Nanyang Primary School

From this project, I have learnt how to grow a Roselle plant from its seed. Each day, I have observed that the seedlings have grown taller and bigger due to regular watering. Also, I understand that plants need sunlight, water, air and nutrients to grow. It was indeed a fun and enjoyable experience. I wish that I could plant a durian seed in my neighbourhood park!
Bryston Chue
South View Primary School

Sowing the seeds of success!
Nickolas Yip
Tao Nan School

Checking for water seeping out of the holes at the bottom...
Nickolas Yip
Tao Nan School

One of my Sunflower seedlings growing nice and tall!
Nickolas Yip
Tao Nan School

Students tending to their plants, which are arranged in neat rows next to the school garden.
Yu Neng Primary School
We are so excited about growing our own plants! We must remember to water our plants with care and kindness every day!
Riverside Primary School
One day, I thought that I would try growing some seeds. I wanted to see how they would grow into plants. I felt very excited when planting the seeds. When I saw my plants growing, I felt happy. 
Palm View Primary

Thank you NParks for giving me and my friends a plant starter kit each. I enjoyed taking care of my Sunflower plant, and watching it grow.  I hope I can see the flower soon!
Trenyce Kok
Chua Chu Kang Primary
I have enjoyed growing the Roselle plant with my classmates. I have learnt that we should not put too much water, so that the plant will not die easily.
Odelia Low Pei Yi
Bukit View Primary School

Yun Qi with plant
I am happy to be able to take part in the Every Child a Seed programme. I am also happy because I like planting and my plant has grown very well.
Tan Yun Qi
Greendale Primary School

Lysander with plant
I feel very excited about growing my very own plant! I can't wait for it to grow tall.
Lysander Mah
West Spring Primary School

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Last updated on 03 December 2018

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