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ECDA-NParks Innovation Guidance Project


Need some ideas on how you can use these resources to carry out fun and meaningful lessons for your pre-schoolers?

Get some inspiration from participating centres of the ECDA-NParks Innovation Guidance Project! Have a look at how these educators set up resource-rich learning corners or plan learning journeys for their pre-schoolers’ exploration of local flora and fauna. Through their projects, we hope to encourage the sharing of innovative resources and teaching strategies, and empower educators to make use of NParks’ pre-school educational resources as part of pre-schoolers’ active learning and exploration of Singapore’s native biodiversity.


ECDA Nparks





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The ECDA Innovation Grant (IG) is an initiative to improve the quality of pre-school programmes and practices through fostering a culture of innovation. Pre-schools could explore less conventional ideas and approaches to:

  • enhance learning experiences for children
  • promote community engagement and home-centre partnerships
  • continue with improvement beyond the first year of implementation

Learn more about this initiative here.


Last updated on 28 September 2016

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