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Talks and Exhibitions for Schools

Assembly Talks 

Did you know that frogs can simply absorb water through their skin? Did you know that the Racket-tailed Drongo can mimic the calls of other animals? Or that the Paradise Tree Snake can glide from tree to tree?

All these facts about our native biodiversity and more can be shared to your students if you invite NParks to do an assembly talk for your school. These assembly talks usually last about one hour, and are on the topics of conservation of our green spaces, our native biodiversity and our City in a Garden.

Denise Chen (Manager/Community Engagement) explains to the students how the Malayan Colugo glides from tree to tree. 

Alan Tan (Conservations Manger/Pulau Ubin) talks about the rich diversity of flora and fauna that can be found on Pulau Ubin and the need to conserve them. 

Exhibitions at Schools

We have a set of exhibition panels that we loan out to schools, entitled “People, Forest, Environment (International Year of the Forest)”.  There are a total eight exhibition panels in this set. This display educates students on the importance of forests, not only to flora and fauna, but to people as well. 

The panels can be put up for display at indoor open spaces in your school, for your students to view during their breaks. 

This group of primary school students are excited to learn about the kinds of animals that can be found in our rainforests. 

If you are interested in having an assembly talk at your school, or would like to borrow our exhibition panels, please email the following contact person for more information. 

Please note that both the assembly talks and the loaning of the panels are complimentary, but are subjected to availability. 

For the exhibitions panels, please be informed that you would have to pick up and return the panels at our office, which is located at:

NParks Headquarters
Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road
Singapore 259569
Last updated on 09 November 2016

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