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Singapore, with its tree-lined roads, hierarchy of parks, nature reserves and green spaces linked by park connectors, is an urban forest. Despite the highly urbanised environment and land constraints, there exists a good variety of biodiversity in Singapore.

Our progress in biodiversity conservation exists because of careful planning and relentless efforts in conserving our natural heritage through the years. Find out more about our natural heritage here.



Learn more about the different types of habitats that can be found around Singapore. These posters provide a range of useful information such as the description of each type of habitat, the unique flora and fauna that live in each habitat, and how these habitats can be conserved.


Celebrating our Forests Series

Did you know that forests contribute to the livelihood of 1.6 billion people around the world? It is also home to 90% of biodiversity living on land. Find out interesting facts on the different types of forests that we have in Singapore, and why it is worthwhile to conserve our forests.


Know 10 Trees

Can you name 10 different trees that can be commonly found in Singapore? Get to know the trees in our City in Nature today. The posters provide useful information like the characteristics of the trees, how one would be able to identify them, and other interesting facts.


Animal Encounters

Despite being a small island, Singapore is home to a wide range of biodiversity. Sometimes, we may be unsure of how we should react when we come across certain creatures such as a wild boar or a snake when we are out and about. What we need to remember is that many wild animals would much rather not encounter us humans, and would only attack when provoked.

We hope our series of animal advisory posters will help you learn how to react should you ever have an animal encounter in Singapore. (Some of you may be looking at the list of animals advisory posters and are surprised that these creatures can be found in Singapore!)


Nature in Singapore

Use this set of posters to provide your students with more information on places such as Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden, HortPark, Dairy Farm Nature Park and the National Orchid Garden. There is also additional information on Singapore’s rich biodiversity; the plant and animals that can be found in our City in a Garden.


Singapore's Flora

Known as a City in a Garden, greenery can be found everywhere in Singapore. But do you know the name of the plant that you just walked past? Use this set of posters to provide your students with more information on the plants that can be found in our City in a Garden.


Last updated on 09 July 2024

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