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Online Resources

The pre-school resource package features educational materials produced specially for children aged 5 to 6 years old. They promise hours of fun and discovery for all young learners interested in understanding the importance of human-animal co-existence, responsible and considerate pet ownership, and civic responsibility. Supplementary teaching guides, instructions, prompters and activities are also included.


Big Picture Book: Sara and Sunny Learn to be Pet Parents for a Week!

Join in Sara's and Sunny's pet adventure to learn the ways of being a responsible and considerate pet 'parent'. If they are ready to own a pet, there might be a surprise for them!

PIcture book cover   

Click here to download the picture book. 


Videos: Willie the Whistling Duck Discovers our City in Nature

In this interactive video series, follow Willie the Whistling Duck as he learns about Singapore as an urban ecosystem, what it means to be a considerate and responsible pet owner, and how we can make Singapore a pleasant home for the people and animals that live here in our City in Nature.

1. Willie the Whistling Duck Explores our City in Nature

Willie the whistling duck - video 1

2. Willie the Whistling Duck Understand Responsible Pet Ownership

Willie the Whistling Duck - Video 2

3. Willie the Whistling Duck Learns to be a Considerate Neighbour

Willie the Whistling Duck - Video 3

You can also use these prompters to supplement learning using the videos!



Learn about the animals we share our living space with, the types of pets you can find in Singapore, and take a pledge to care for the pets and wildlife in our City in Nature in this poster series.

Poster-animals around usPoster-our pet animalsPoster-animals and us

Click here to download the posters.


Multi-functional Educational Cards: Pet-o-pedia

Reinforce the lessons learnt in class with these illustrated educational cards! Students will learn about what pets need, how they behave, what to do before and after getting a pet, and how they can share their living space with other animals that call our City in Nature home.

Multifunctional edu cards (full)

Enjoy any of the eight featured games here to learn about the animals in our City in Nature! Click here to download the Educational Cards.


Model Construction Kit

With this hands-on activity, learn about the different roles we can all play to support the community, animals and wildlife that share our home in our City in Nature.

Model construction set (full)

Click here to download the Model Construction Kit.

Last updated on 27 August 2021

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