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ECDA-NParks Innovation Guidance Project


Need some ideas on how you can use NParks preschool resources to carry out fun and meaningful lessons for your pre-schoolers?

Get some inspiration from participating centres of the ECDA-NParks Innovation Guidance Project (IGP)! Have a look at how these educators set up resource-rich learning corners or plan learning journeys for their pre-schoolers’ exploration of our City in Nature. Our two resource kits cover themes of biodiversity in our City and Nature and Community and Companion animals around us. Through their projects, we hope to encourage the sharing of innovative resources and teaching strategies, and empower educators to make use of NParks’ pre-school educational resources as part of pre-schoolers’ active learning and exploration of Singapore’s native biodiversity and how to behave responsibly to the animals around us.


ECDA Nparks

School Lesson Plan Themes Project Synopsis
City in Nature      
Haven Schoolhouse @ Bedok North   Gardening This school sets up their community garden after getting approval and included useful tips on how to sustain the project – mainly covers gardening and learning journey.
En-Naeem Mosque Kindergarten   Climate Change This school focused on both plants and their role in the ecosystem, and climate change, providing good examples on how to make the topic understandable to children.
Skool4Kidz Preschool Pte Ltd (782D Woodlands Crescent)   Flora and Fauna Using NParks resources, students were introduced to some of Singapore’s native biodiversity. Students were able to engage in outdoor learning during a trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden. 
Community and Companion Animals      
BrightKids @ Pasir Ris
  Responsible Pet Ownership

Through their dramatic play corner, students were able to learn about a vet clinic.

Students with pets at home also did a show and tell to share how they love and care for their pets.
Little Footprints @ Potong Pasir   Responsible Pet Ownership Students learnt about different companion animals through their visit to Jacob Ballas Animal Classroom and a parent who brought his dog to the school and shared about his experience owning the family dog. Their was learning was reinforced using the game cards from our resource kit. 
Sunflower Preschool @ Mindef Pte Ltd (Gombak)   Appropriate Human Wildlife Encounters


Responsible Pet Ownership
This school took advantage of their location (in Mindef camp) and previous incidents with wildlife to focus on responsible behaviours when encountering wildlife. 

All the above resources were created by early childhood educators to benefit the early childhood community. No part of these pages, either text or image may be used for any purpose other than for personal use or non-profit educational purposes. 

About ECDA Innovation Grant

The ECDA Innovation Grant (IG) is an initiative to improve the quality of pre-school programmes and practices through fostering a culture of innovation. This initiative encourages pre-schools to explore less conventional ideas and approaches in order to:

  • enhance learning experiences for children
  • promote community engagement and home-centre partnerships
  • continue with improvement beyond the first year of implementation

Learn more about this initiative here.


Last updated on 21 December 2022

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