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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How are the pre-school resources relevant to the kindergarten curriculum? 

We have been working with the Preschool Branch of the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to ensure that the resources complements the kindergarten curriculum, are age-appropriate, and that lessons and activities are easy for teachers to carry out. Furthermore, we have tested the resources with pre-schools who have shared their feedback with us. Some of their lesson plans can be found here.

These resources encourage young children to discover the natural world, and support their development in numeracy, language and literacy .


2. Can my school use the resources for other levels besides K1 and K2s? 

Although these resources were designed specifically for children in the K1 and K2 cohort, schools are free to use these resources for students in other levels as well. In fact, many of our partner centres have adapted the resources and executed age-appropriate activities to complement their centre’s Nursery curriculum.


3. I am a new school. Will I be able to get a set for my school?

NParks’ preschool educational resources on Singapore and its biodiversity is a project supported by the Garden City Fund’s Plant-A-Tree Programme (Education and Conservation) fund. Over 1,600 pre-schools licensed under ECDA received two complimentary sets of educational resources as part of the project in August 2015. As we have limited stock and have no plans to reprint at this moment, new schools may wish to drop us an email if they are interested in getting a copy of the resources.


4. How do I purchase this pre-school educational resource package if I am home-schooling my child/ am interested in getting a set for my child?

These resources are meant for pre-schools only. At this moment, we have no plans to distribute these resources to any bookstores or retail outlets. However, we have made these resources available online. Members of public who are interested in getting a copy of the entire package will be able to download these resources here.


5. Have there been similar initiatives / projects that NParks has collaborated with schools before?

No. This is the first of its kind. It is the first time a comprehensive slew of resource materials focusing on Singapore’s local flora and fauna have been designed and produced specially for children aged between 5 to 6 years old. However, we have been continuously reaching out to schools through a variety of outreach programmes such as the Every Child a Seed and Secrets of the Swamp play etc.

Schools are encouraged to continue with this programme on a long-term basis. The resources can be reused for the next batch of students.


6. Who should I contact if I have further queries?

Please feel free to contact us:


Last updated on 09 February 2023

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