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Primary School Resources on Seed Dispersal for Plant Reproduction

As a City in Nature, Singapore is home to a rich diversity of flora that needs to be conserved. 


Seed banking is important to conserve seeds of threatened plant species and to advance research in seed preservation and storage. Not only that, the Singapore Botanic Gardens Seed Bank also enables visitors to learn about the importance of seed storage for species conservation, plants biodiversity, seed dispersal and germination through curated programmes at the interpretive gallery and outdoor garden.


Complementing the MOE Primary Science curriculum

The worksheet and video resources support the learning outcomes for the P5 topic of 'Cycles in Plants and Animals (Reproduction)' under the PSLE Science Syllabus.

Seed dispersal Worksheet

Download the Greyscale version or the Colour version of the worksheet the complements the visitor gallery at the Singapore Botanic Gardens Seed Bank. Learn about the process of seed banking for conservation as well as seed dispersal methods which ensure the continuity of plant species.


Learn more about the Seed Bank here or visit the Seed Bank virtually:




Seed dispersal Videos

Last updated on 11 January 2024

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