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Recommended Books


Want to share interesting facts on native flora and fauna with your students? Enhance your knowledge on Singapore’s rich biodiversity from books published by NParks. More information can be found here.


Bini the horseshoe crab

Adventures of Bini the Horseshoe Crab
Bini is a young horseshoe crab living in a huge mangrove forest in Singapore. Follow Bini on her amazing adventure through the mangrove in search of her parents, and learn more about the wonderful biodiversity that lives in our City in Nature.


Dragonflies of our Parks and Gardens
Find our more about dragonflies and their habitats. 
Download worksheets here.  

Our Fragile Rainforest
How do our forest creatures deal with the changes in temperature?
Are they able to deal with prolonged drought? Find out more here. 
Download worksheets here.


Caterpillars of Singapore's Butterflies
The enchanting beauty of the butterfly as they flutter and flit from flower to
flower has long been appreciated and admired by all. 
However, few people remember that each enchanting butterfly starts out as a humble 
caterpillar. Learn more about their life cycle and the many types of caterpillars we have here. 
Download worksheets here.


picture of a book titled living in a garden

Living in a Garden: the Greening of Singapore
Did you that 2013 marks 50 years of Greening for Singapore? Our City in a Garden is the result of dedication, commitment and involvement from the community. Find out about Singapore's greening journey through this book. Download worksheets here.


Secrets of the Swamp
An adventure tale that highlights the importance of keeping our City in a Garden a beautiful place to live in.


The Hunt for the Green Boomerang Cover Page 

The Hunt for the Green Boomerang

A sequel to the award-winning Secrets of the Swamp, this riveting adventure highlights the fascinating flora, fauna and heritage sites one can find on Pulau Ubin.


Rainforest in a City cover

Rainforest in a City

Discover the fascinating plants and animals that inhabit the rainforests in our city. Download worksheets here.


Hidden Havens: Exploring Marine Life in Singapore's Marinas

Explore the richness of marine life in Singapore's marinas and be enchanted by the myriad of forms and colours beneath the surface of our urban waters. From the sea's surface to the sandy-silty seabed, the waters of Singapore's marinas are hidden havens of biodiversity. Download low-res and high-res versions here.


A Review of Garden Bird Watch

A Review of Garden Bird Watch (2015-2019)

This book is review of the results and trends of birds spotted over the past five years, contributed by NParks' over 1,100 dedicated citizen scientists who have participated in Garden Bird Watch from 2015 to 2019. These surveys help us to understand if our habitat enhancement and restoration efforts are benefiting our garden birds. This is the first book in Singapore that shows the distribution of specific birds across many of Singapore's parks, gardens, and other green spaces. Download low-res and high-res versions here.


Bees of SG

A Guide to the Bees of Singapore

Our City in Nature would not be complete without the array of beautiful bee species that serve as some of our most important pollinators. A collaboration between the National Parks Board and the University of Singapore, this guide reveals the remarkable diversity of bees found in various habitats across Singapore, from tiny honey-producing stingless bees to giant wood-excavating carpenter bees.


Last updated on 16 February 2021

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