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Our Fragile Rainforest

Singapore has not been entirely immune to unusual weather patterns and has experienced extended dry spells, as well as exceptionally heavy and intense downpours. While our first concerns are on our well being, we should also spare a thought for the other species in the ecological equation, such as the flora and fauna found in tropical rainforests.

How are these creatures dealing with the changes in temperature? Are they able to deal with prolonged drought?

One of NParks’ focus under the City in a Garden initiative is biodiversity conservation. In order to develop a better understanding of our rainforest biodiversity, NParks and the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank Corporation Limited (HSBC) collaborated in 2008 to conduct a 3-year research study.
The book Our Fragile Forest is a compilation of the data collected from the survey conducted by NParks and HSBC.

 A complimentary copy of the book is given to all primary and secondary schools. Some parts of the book are closely linked to topics like “Adaptation” and “Man’s Impact on the Environment”, which are found in the Primary 5 and Primary 6 Science syllabus. You may download these worksheets to supplement the topics discussed in the book. We hope you will find these resources useful.

Our Fragile Rainforest book is available at the Garden Shop and the Library Shop at Singapore Botanic Gardens and all major bookstores.

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Last updated on 15 January 2015

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