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Secrets of the Swamp

Brothers Alfie, Luke and Pacey are searching for Horseshoe Crabs in a mangrove swamp when they meet a mysterious bearded man, whom they nickname “Swamp Man”. Swamp Man leads them into a dense underground forest, where they stumble upon another world – one where the plants and animals are made of plastic.

2013 marks 50 years of greening for Singapore. In 1963, former Prime Minister, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, had a vision to make Singapore a distinctive and attractive place to live in. The same year, he planted a Mempat tree at Farrer Circus. That was the start of our nation’s greening journey!

The City in a Garden that you enjoy today is the result of the dedication and commitment of many people. But can you imagine life without our parks, tree-lined roads, and thriving flora and fauna?

Secrets of the Swamp is an example of what Singapore would be like without our lush greenery and diverse animal life – artificial, joyless and impersonal. Written by one of Singapore’s bestselling authors, Neil Humphreys, and filled with colourful, vibrant illustrations, the book is funny, informative and thought-provoking. Perfect for children of primary school age, it reminds you to do your part in keeping our City in a Garden a beautiful place to live in.

Secrets of the Swamp is sold at $16 at all major bookstores as well as The Library Shop at the Singapore Botanic Gardens, while the eBook is available at $9.90 at Get your copy now!

Behind the scenes with Neil Humphreys

Behind the scenes with Cheng Puay Koon (PK)

Last updated on 15 January 2015

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